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April 16, 2015
Japan Zoo Offers First Look at Quadruplet White Tiger Cubs 
A set of white tiger quadruplets was on display at a zoo in Japan’s Saitama prefecture Wednesday, in a trial run 
before being offered for full-time public viewing beginning next week.The cubs, born at Saitama’s Tobu Zoo, are 
only about 50 centimeters long and weigh about nine kilograms, the zoo’s spokeswoman said. They were born 
to father Rocky and mother Carla. One of the four was initially believed to be a female but it was later determined 
that all four are male.  READ MORE
April 6, 2015
Tiger cubs to the rescue of Manzanilla’s turtles
More than $100,000 in funds collected from the picture opportunity with the white tiger cubs at the Emperor 
Valley Zoo, Port-of-Spain have been directed by the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ZSTT) to the 
Manatee Conservation Trust (MCT), the community-based non-governmental organisation which has been 
protecting the nesting leatherback turtles on site for the last 20 years. READ MORE
March 5, 2015
New White Tigress !
Kanpur zoo on Wednesday became a proud owner of a white tigress which was brought from Vizag zoo in 
Visakhapatnam. The tigress, named Savitri, will be pairing with white tiger Luv which was brought to Kanpur zoo 
in the first week of the last month.  READ MORE
March 3, 2015
New White Tigers !
The furry felines are added as part of Singapore Zoo’s collection planning process and to ensure genetic diversity is maintained. 
A flurry of felines - including white tigers, cheetahs and an African lion – have been added to Singapore Zoo’s cat collection to 
maintain genetic diversity with new bloodlines, said the Singapore Zoo in a media release on Tuesday (Mar 3). READ MORE

February 5, 2015
New White Tiger Births !
Japan shows off four rare white tiger cubs. The cubs are the offspring of equally rare white tigers Rocky and Carla. 
White tigers - which are believed to be Bengal tigers with a pigmentation variation - are very rare in the wild as they fail to 
blend in with their surroundings. There are believed to be between 100 and 200 worldwide. READ MORE
January 19, 2015
New White Tiger Mom !
The male cub at five pounds is slightly heavier than his sister who weighs four and a half pounds, yet the female at 19.5 inches is slightly longer than her brother at 19 inches. The two can also be told apart because the male has darker stripes than his sister. READ MORE
November 6, 2014
Jungle Island welcomes 2 baby white tigers
MIAMI -  Jungle Island is celebrating the birth of two White tigers who were each born weighing in at a 
little over three pounds. The male and female cubs have blue-gray eyes, white and brown strips and are 
expected to grow up to weigh anywhere from 500-600 pounds.

Jungle Island is inviting the public to help it choose a name for each of the tigers, also known as white 
Bengal tigers. Name choices include Ananda (Bliss), Samudra (Ocean), Jyoti (Auspicious Flame) and 
Rama (Goddess of Fortune). READ MORE

October 24, 2014
Four white tiger cubs born in Vandalur Zoo
A six-year-old white tigress has given birth to four young ones at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, 
officials said today.

After having mated with a 12-year-old Royal Bengal tiger named Vijay, the six -year-old tigress, 
Akanksha gave birth to the cubs- all Bengal tigers, officials said. With the latest addition, there are 
14 white tigers and 12 Royal Bengal tigers in the zoo presently.  READ MORE
October 20, 2014
White tiger cubs growing fast at French zoo
The French sometimes seem to have it all: the wine, the patisseries, the government-backed vacation
days. Now, they’re winning the war over the cutest zoo offerings to boot.

Four white tiger cubs born August 14 at the Zoo Pessac-Bordeaux in Pessac, the second-largest
suburb of Bordeaux. A photographer captured their growth on Monday at the zoo, where they are
now on public display. READ MORE
October 8, 2014
VA Zoo gets new four month old white tiger cub

What is more rare than a Bengal Tiger? A beautiful four-month-old baby white Bengal Tiger cub.

The mission of Bear Path Acres is to create awareness, values and understanding of animals and their
environment through education of the public of the importance of animals and the role they play in our
everyday life.... READ MORE
July 27, 2014

Five tiger cubs turn star attractions at Vandalur zoo
Five tiger cubs have been the cynosure of every eye at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park ( Vandalur zoo)
here for the past few days. The cubs -- three of them white -- have been the star attractions at the zoo ever
since they were released into the open area last week. They frolicked in the moat area, chasing one another
and swimming in the pool.  READ MORE

June 20, 2014

White tiger cub on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
NEW YORK: White tiger cub draws hugh viewing, and almost 200,000 YouTube
hits in minutes. READ MORE and VIEW
June 19, 2014

Three bengal white tigers born in Maine
It's an exciting time for the owners and staff at DEW since successfully breeding endangered animals.
The mother and father are both permanent residents at the facility. The man who brought them
together is Bob Miner.  READ MORE

June 14, 2014

From Jaguars to a White Tiger!
CHENNAI: This builder has moved from Jags to slightly wilder cats. Balsingh George, a builder who is
usually in the news for his vast fleet of high-end cars, has decided to sponsor a white tigress called
Chandra after discussing it with the officials at the Arignar Anna Zoo. “Based on the feedback and success
of this initiative we want to reach out to bigger tiger reserves like Bandipur and Ranthambore national parks.READ MORE

May 26, 2014

Tiger tales: Michigan City zoo shows off white tiger cubs
MICHIGAN CITY | The Michigan City zoo is showing its white tiger cubs born less than two weeks ago to its female tiger.
"As a first time mom, she's excellent. She's tremendous," Washington Park Zoo Directory Johnny Martinez said.
To avoid putting more stress Zusha, the mother, the zoo will install a camera to give visitors a glimpse of the more than
300-pound tiger nursing and cleaning her cubs on a screen outside the facility where they're kept.  READ MORE

May 26, 2014

White Tiger Cubs Make Their Debut In Austrian Zoo
AUSTRIA- Some very cool cats make their public debut at a zoo in Austria. It's not just the blue eyes
and fair hair that make these one-month-old white tiger cubs a rare breed.   READ MORE
May 25, 2014

Kolkata zoo begins captive breeding of white tigers
KOLKATA: A pair of Royal Bengal tigers has been selected for captive breeding to increase the number
of the big cats at the Zoological Gardens.  "To begin with, we have selected one pair. After the summer
heat goes down we will gradually select more pairs," zoo director K L Ghosh told PTI.  READ MORE
July 30, 2015
Zoo’s newest stars are cute, cuddly and wild
The zoo, while initially planning to acquire two tiger cubs, had not expected to get a white tiger, a rare find.
“White tigers are really hard to come by, and there’s not many in zoos anymore,” Van Hoecke said. 
“We had to take advantage of the opportunity" says Zoo Director Marnita Van Hoe. READ MORE.

August 9, 2015
International zoo effort has success !
A pair of extremely rare white Bengal tigers, obtained from a Canadian zoo by the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden in 
downtown Ho Chi Minh City, have given birth to 3 white cubs  READ MORE.

October 30, 2015
New White Tiger Births !
This week saw auspicious news emerge from the Yunnan Wild Animal Park as five healthy white tiger cubs were born 
without complications. This is the second time in five years the zoo has overseen the birth of tiger quintuplets.

Handlers at the zoo reported on October 24 that a pregnant white Bengal tiger had become restless and irritable, pacing
her enclosure continuously. Less than a day later, following a two-hour labor, she was caring for five newborn 
cubs, all of them white.  READ MORE

January 31, 2016
Vizag zoo revives captive breeding of white tigers.
In its bid to make it a big attraction, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park which recently got a sanction of $6 
million by the World Bank, has revived captive breeding of white tigers after a gap of nine years.
February 17, 2016
Dreamworld gets two new white tiger cubs..
The rare 15-week-old white tiger cubs showed no signs of jetlag despite travelling from their birthplace 
in Japan to Dreamworld this week. They pounced on their first touch of fame on Wednesday as media 
and local dignitaries lapped up the little big cats' first public appearances.  READ MORE

March 22, 2016
White Tiger Safari Park to open.

Bhopal : Public Relations and Energy Minister Rajendra Shukla flagged off 2 LED-equipped publicity vans from the entry gate of Mukundpur white tiger safari in Satna district today.

The publicity vans will tour urban and rural areas of Rewa and Satna district and apprise people of history of white tiger, construction of white tiger safari and its inauguration on April 3. Shukla said that publicity vans will be able to convey information about world’s first white tiger safari to the masses. He said that through the vans, people will become aware of Vindhya’s identity and history of white tiger. READ MORE

June 3, 2016
White Tiger as 2018 Olympics Mascot

A cheerful white tiger cub was unveiled yesterday as the official mascot for South Korea’s 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Tigers traditionally represent the country and the white tiger is considered sacred there, organizers of the Pyeongchang Winter 
Olympics said. The mascot was named “Soohorang,” a combination of the Korean words for protection and tiger.. READ MORE

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September 13, 2016
NFL Football Team unveils new uniforms taken after the Royal White Tiger
The Cincinnati Bengals today unveiled the Color Rush uniforms they will wear in their nationally televised Thursday Night Football game against the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 29.  Bengals players Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap and Tyler Boyd modeled the uniforms during the unveiling at the Cincinnati Zoo’s white tiger exhibit. The uniforms resemble the look of the zoo’s famous white tigers with white pants and jerseys accented with black stripes. READ MORE

December 6, 2016
Wildlife World Zoo's new baby white tiger gives tour of nursery.
Here's a dose of cuteness for your work week. Say hello to Peppermint, the approximately 3-month-old baby white tiger, who lives in the Valley at Wildlife World Zoo. Peppermint and her other cub friends receive around-the-clock care in the zoo's baby animal nursery where they live. READ MORE

January 8, 2017
White tiger wins "Most Popular Animal" in zoo contest.
Civa Sumac is the first white Bengal tigress born in captivity in at the zoo. She is two and a half-year-old and weighs 128 kilograms. The award ceremony was held after hundreds of families voted for their favorite animal through the Zoo's official Facebook page.  READ MORE

April 28, 2017
Zoo unveils white tiger cubs
An Austrian zoo is boasting a brood of rare cubs.  Four white tiger cubs made their debut at Weisser Zoo in 
Kernhof on Wednesday. Falco, Toto, Mia and Mautzi weighed just two pounds apiece when born last month, but
are now tipping the scale at 11 pounds. The zoo director said he is overjoyed by the four bundles of joy. READ MORE

February 8, 2018
2018 Olympic's very proud to have the White Tiger as mascot.
The Olympic mascot is always an animal or character that's symbolic of the host country and its culture. This year, the 2018 Winter Olympics is taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea, which is really, really cold. According to, white tigers have traditionally popped up in Korean folktales in the form of a guardian or protector. Tigers also symbolize trust and strength. (Cool little bonus, the color white is seasonally appropriate for the Winter Games, which take place in snowy, icy places. Obvi.) READ MORE